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The First Post

August 15, 2013


Welcome to The De-Addict Website And The Blog.

On this day, 15th August 2013, I announce official launch of the Website and the Blog.

I have mentioned the reason to start this blogging website on the About page of the website, however let me throw some light on the purpose of starting this Website/Blog. I see people surrounded by gadgets and always busy being in-front of some kind of a screen.

Internet, social media, phone apps, blackberries, laptop, ipads and etc are keeping people so glued-on that they seem to have no time to left to spend quality time with family, friends or to pursue their hobbies. I said quality time because, people spend time with friends and family, however are busy with their gadgets all the time.

This change in our lifestyle is pushing some of us to addiction towards these virtual things. This addiction has grown so much that a teenager cannot be without his cellphone or internet for not more than an hour. If he/she is kept away from these things, they start panicking and showing  symptoms of addiction syndrome towards the technology.

Being tech-savvy is great. One cannot lead a quality life without these technologies. Internet, cellphone apps, social media platforms are cutting-edge tools that has got a great power to make things happen. However, we should limit ourselves by not making over use of these technologies. Internet, cellphone, social media platform etc were made for us, we are not born to be their slaves. Just look around and you will notice exactly opposite of it. People have become slaves of these tools and technologies and have got so addicted towards them, that cannot live without it.

Considering current behavioral trends, we must address the need to reduce this addiction and utilize some time for a better purpose in life.

From today, I will try my best to spread awareness about de-addiction from technology, and finding solutions to overcome it. I will need support from you, who who have liked the concept of this blog and the website.

So, please share it with your friends and family whom you think, need the info to reduce their addiction towards technology. 


Very good concept.. Keep posting frequently..

Great post and an ideal concept, Thanks

True. Most people are addicted to their mobiles, iPads and iPods. They've forgotten to actually live.

So much truth here. I have some friends temporarily living with us. Her two boys spend ALL their time on the computer. They don't go outside unless forced to. I believe our society has lost their balance. I'm all for technology... IN BALANCE!

I am a addict myself and I understand your concept.Good Luck with it.






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