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The Reason:

Human race has always been inventing and improvising technologies to do things in a faster, smarter and better way. Now, while we are in the year 2013, we are surrounded with numerous gadgets and gizmos which help us from preparing our breakfast to sharing information at lightning speed. Internet added new dimension to our lives. Then came the Laptop, Smartphone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, Tablets and even the Google Glass. These inventions were made to do things faster and not to consume all of our time.

While making use of these technologies, we have forgotten the real world and have become addicted to virtual world. These days, people Meet, Chat, Like, Post, Tweet, Blog, Read, Comment, Watch, even do Farming online. This has taken away the real taste of life from us. People do not have time for their families; however they do have time to post or comment on friends’ online profile. People sit in their cubical, however are distracted by always beeping phones, flooding-in notifications. Students attend classes, however are more interested in chatting with online friends.

Being e-social or being active on the net is good; however it should not drag you away from your real life. You can find and connect to old friends on internet but also should take out some time to be with your friends in real, I mean in actual. Technology addiction is dragging teenagers away from their family time, and deprive them of cherishing memories that they would have got while spending time with their Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Husband, Wife, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and of course, Pets.

Considering current behavioral trends, this website is dedicated to highlight Technology Addiction as a concern and quest to find solutions over it.


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